Feeling sleepy ? – Fitting window blinds to a Bachmann MK1 sleeper coach

Ever wondered what to with that white tissue paper that new Bachmann boxes are sold in and collectors get so excited over?

Here is a simple project to upgrade the excellent Bachmann Mk1 sleeper coach, but it does involve using that precious wrapping so if you are of a nervous disposition and are worried about the resale value, then stop reading now!

Also, this is a quick hour or so’s job, so if occasionally you are asked by your better half to spend more time with them, then this project can be completed on a suitable tray on your knee whilst ‘watching’ the obligatory unrealistic TV soap opera.

I am assuming most can dismantle these coaches with ease, however I appreciate that they do present quite a challenge sometimes, so if there is enough interest or requests I will put together a short article on how to conduct this operation best. Kim Durose once said that if the TV series ‘You Bet’ was still broadcasting he would put me forward as a challenger to dismantle a Bachmann coach and minor celebrities could gamble on the time it would take! By the way, Kim can dismantle one, he just can’t reassemble one…….

Anyhow, moving on. You have your coach in several parts, so before losing any bits put them all to one side except the two sides. As you will see by my completed example there are no hard and fast rules how the blinds go – up , down , halfway – you decide.

I use a clear glue or glue and glaze along the top of the glazing then place an appropriately sized piece of the tissue paper against the top edge of the window. Have a look from the outside of the coach at your handiwork and adjust as required before it is too late and dries.  Never use superglue as it will turn the tissue hard and most likely to ruin the glazing with frosting.

Repeat on all windows, slightly varying the height and look of the blind if required – remember not everyone has the blind pulled right down, especially if you were a railway buff travelling on the sleeper service!

Depending on what glue you have used, allow a little time for drying before re-assembly. Hopefully you will have the coach back together before the music kicks in on the soap opera you just ‘watched’.

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