Paint Matching Colour Guide


We have prepared a handy colour matching guide which shows railway colour equivalents available from other sources. This will be an ongoing document that will be updated as and when new matches are required and found. Please note that colour-matching by eye is subjective rather than a technical science, so results / matches may not be deemed satisfactory.

LT ColourPaint ReferenceSourceNotes
London Transport Engineers GreyGrey Plastic PrimerHalfordsPlastic Primer, not General Primer
London Transport Engineers RedMatt 153Humbrol
London Transport Engineers YellowFiat Golden YellowHalfordsUse with a matt varnish
London Transport Bullock MaroonAmmo – Tuscan R0009Raile Centre

BR ColourPaint ReferenceSourceNotes
Engineers Olive DrabMatt 66Humbrol
Engineers Olive Drab (faded)Matt 155Humbrol
Engineers YellowFiat Golden YellowHalfords
BR BlueBS381-114VariousEasily sourced online in Enamel and 2-pack Acrylic formulations
BR MaroonFord Burgundy RedVarious
BR Warning Panel Yellow (pre 1984)Fiat Golden YellowHalfords
BR Warning Panel Yellow (pre 1984)Ford Signal YellowVarious
BR Warning Panel Yellow (pre 1984)Vauxhall Mustard YellowHalfords
BR Road Vehicle YellowVauxhall Mustard YellowHalfords

General ColourPaint ReferenceSourceNotes
Ultra Matt BlackCamouflage Matt BlackHalfordsIncredible matt finish for chassis frames, bogies etc.
Matt Black151 Matt BlackB&M Bargains, Poundland, PoundstretcherCheap! 400ml = £2.00
White Primer151 White PrimerB&M Bargains, Poundland, PoundstretcherCheap! 400ml = £2.00
Grey Primer151 Grey PrimerB&M Bargains, Poundland, PoundstretcherCheap! 400ml = £2.00
Matt Varnish151 Matt VarnishB&M Bargains, Poundland, PoundstretcherCheap! 400ml = £2.00
Gloss Varnish151 Gloss VarnishB&M Bargains, Poundland, PoundstretcherCheap! 400ml = £2.00
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