Cheap alternatives to “brand” paints and varnishes.

151 Sprays

For those not using an Airbrush or having little or no luck with branded modellers varnish, try these..

Available in 400ml cans at around £2 a can depending on where you find them. Poundland, B&M Bargains, Poundstretcher etc.

They come in a variety of names, not just 151, there is also a grey primer, white primer, matt black, and gloss black available too.

They cover lovely and evenly after a good shake in a warm environment for a while. They also dry within minutes, so a couple of coats are possible in an hour or so.

I’ve used them over and under Phoenix, Railmatch and Humbrol enamels, and also on RtR items where the finish needs toning down. They cover over acrylics too without any adverse effects, but I would advise, like I would advise with any paint, you try it on test piece first before letting loose on your prized new repainted model.

They are also perfect on Oxford Diecast model cars to get rid of that ‘new car’ shine without the faff of setting up the airbrush equipment. Highly recommended!

151 Sprays
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