RTC Tribometer Train Auto Trailer Cab Kit – Batch 3 now available

12A are happy to announce that the next 12 resin printed kits for the cab end for the RTC’s “Trib Train” Auto Trailer ADB 975076 are now available to purchase for £16.99 including postage.

The kit features:

  • 3D resin printed cab with detailed driver’s desk
  • 3D resin printed rear bulkhead with detailed pipework and seats
  • 3D resin printed destination blind box (with LED hole)
  • 3D resin printed cable cups
  • 3D resin printed ETH socket (optional dependent on era)
  • Laser-cut glazing
  • Laser-cut side window frame overlays
  • Printed instructions and cutting templates

This has been designed to fit the Bachmann Mk1 BSK coach. To complete you will need:

  • Backmann Mk BSK donor coach
  • Superglue
  • Filler
  • Glue and Glaze or Humbrol Clearfix
  • Paints
  • Buffer heads and windscreen wipers

Mark Pearson’s build article can be seen here.

Prototype photo Ⓒ Colin J Marsden

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