EFE Atkinson Borderer BR Parcels Lorry

EFE Atkinson Borderer BR Parcels lorry

A quick detailing and weathering of this lorry. The faded yellow paint and lettering on the cab was achieved by light stokes of a fibreglass pencil rubbing away the top coat of paint, giving the patchy, faded effect to the yellow. 

EFE Atkinson Borderer BR Parcels lorry

The Trailer received a similar treatment by applying downward strokes of the fibreglass pencil to fade out the double arrow logo in places. A light weathering wash was then applied to the trailer. Quite by accident,  small traces of the fibreglass had been left resulting in highlighted scars and scratches to the trailer sides looking quite effective!

The air and brake pipes between the tractor unit and trailer are simply different pieces of coloured wire offcuts wrapped around a small diameter screwdriver or similar to give the coiled effect. I then attached them to a small rectangular piece of black plasticard then fixed the assembly to the rear of the cab section.

EFE Atkinson Borderer BR Parcels lorry
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