A simple Class 33/1 conversion

A nice simple afternoon project for anyone who wants a 33/1 but is struggling to find one (as was I).
I recently converted this 4mm scale Heljan 33/0 to a 33/1 using Dapol class 73 parts from DCC Supplies, and a Shawplan etched fan and grille.

The first task was to remove the 33/0 handrails carefully as these needed to be re-used, and drill holes for the shortened versions using a 0.3mm drill bit. Whilst the drill was on the bench, I made holes for the high-level EMU pipes using a 1mm drill bit.
The existing hadrails were bent to the new profile with pliers (my that Heljan wire is tough stuff).

The original Heljan fan grille just pops off, and a much more refined etched brass fan grille and fan from Shawplan was added. Phoenix Paints BR Blue enamel is a great match to Heljan’s BR Blue (it is also a great match to Bachmann’s) and this was used to paint the new grille after a coat of etching primer.

The original 6572 numbering was removed using the method outlined here and new 33113 decals added from HMRS pressfix sheets.

I picked this up really cheap, as the “lights don’t work”. They do, it’s just that the plastic light guides have snapped off. They were all replaced with 2mm fibre optic cable bent to the correct shape which has improved the transmission of light so much, I may go back and retro-fit my others. A medium weathering session with the airbrush was enough to finish the model off, along with a Loksound 5 decoder with an SWD sound set from Roads and Rails.

33113 departs light engine from Atherstone Court
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